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WALL BOY is part of the on-going outreach and education program based around the award-winning documentary THE OASIS.


Following on from the release of THE OASIS in 2008, the directors Ian Darling and Sascha Ettinger Epstein have written and directed two short fiction films, based on some of the untold stories that came out of their three year documentary experience. POLLY AND ME (Dir. Ian Darling) and WALL BOY (Dir. Sascha Ettinger Epstein) have been made as companion pieces, and deal with a wide range of social issues that have affected the lives of many young homeless kids.

These short films should ideally be seen in conjunction with THE OASIS documentary, in order to provide a broader context for the two stories. The two fiction films deal collectively with issues around addiction, physical and mental abuse, and neglect. They provoke much discussion about dealing with complex social problems, and raise issues about the adequacy of service levels surrounding prevention and response programs in the community.

We have partnered with a number of charitable organisations for the outreach and education component of this initiative, that deal specifically with the issues raised in the films on a daily basis. These organisations will be using the films as part of a program to raise awareness about the issues they are all involved with on a daily basis, and to also assist with the sustainability of their own organisations.

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